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Warrior is the powerful true story of a British soldier's heroism during the Iraq War that reveals how he was ruthlessly sacrificed by the Establishment. Captain Tam Henderson was adopted as a baby in Glasgow. His family moved to England and he grew up on a violent council estate in Birmingham. At 16, he chose to join the famous Black Watch regiment.

In a career spanning 23 years, he rose through the ranks and was deployed to conflicts in Northern Ireland, the Balkans and the Middle East. During the invasion of Iraq, Tam was in the thick of ferocious fighting and, amidst Basra's chaos, he set up camp for the men of Charlie Company, who were put in charge of the city's most volatile districts. Having fought to recover the body of one of his men killed in action, Tam was horrified when the chain gun on his Warrior tank malfunctioned, suddenly firing of its own accord and seriously injuring a comrade.

He was told to take the rap but refused, insisting that the dangerous fault on the gun needed fixing. He was convicted by a kangaroo court at Saddam's palace and sent home in disgrace. But Tam fought back and embarked upon the biggest battle of his life - against the Ministry of Defence and international arms companies. Pacy and starkly authentic, Warrior takes the reader on an exhilarating journey that is by turns horrific, humorous and poignantly reflective. Help Centre. In short, an Ottoman Anschluss blessed by the very Westerners, or in any case Americans, whose most dependable allies in the war against the barbarity of the Islamic State were and remain the Kurds.

This is what will bring him, if not impeachment, then the certain scorn of history. The world has taken note of this grave moral mistake, as have Americans from both sides of the political divide.

May Europe, and France in particular, raise before the international community the crime unfolding against our allies. We are the guardians of these sisters and brothers in arms who, at the darkest hour, stood up in our stead and for our security. In Paris, New York, and across the West, this is yet another reason to recommit ourselves to a noble story of honor and valor that is anything but fiction.

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Fractured Lands: How the Arab World Came Apart

We take pride in our community of readers, and are thrilled that you choose to engage with us in a way that is both thoughtful and thought-provoking. Joe Wilson and Valerie Plane are the attractive protagonists of this thriller that looks and feels like a work of fiction. They are played by the wonderful Sean Penn and Naomi Watts, although the hand held camera and the digital thing worked against them, She looks as if suffering from some kind of skin ailment.

David Andrews is great as Scooter Libby. If you don't know about it, you'll be very confused and won't be as outraged as one should be. I followed the outraged as it played on the Cable News networks, in the papers and on line, that's why I wanted more from the film but I'm glad it was made and I hope it tickles the curiosity of the naturally indifferent to awaken a truly patriotic sense of disgust. Movies based on actual, heavily politically-charged events usually aren't my thing, but Naomi Watts as Valerie and Sean Penn as her husband really do an excellent job of conveying this serious, and at times troubling, story.

Watts portrays Plame as an intelligent and capable woman who is easy to sympathize with. As she's effectively blocked out from her job at the CIA and her personal life begins to swiftly unravel, she keeps a steely resolve that's wholly believable. And while Sean Penn doesn't have to stretch far for his character, he also makes him feel like a genuine person.

Great acting from them both to compliment the solid script. Anyone even casually interested in the Valerie Plame scandal should check this out, as it's a pretty darn good and thought-provoking adaptation of a dark time in our country's recent history. If that's the case I hope not , it'll be the fault of American audiences' inability to deal with the condensed truth of Jez Butterworth's screenplay, derived from the individual memoirs of Valerie Plame and her husband Joseph Wilson.

I almost didn't see FG myself.

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Even though I knew the facts and long ago decided that something seriously wrong had happened, at the conclusion of FG, applause was the furthest thing from my mind. FG left me feeling freshly mugged -- mentally, emotionally and Constitutionally. Headline factoids are drilled down to a personal level, without jettisoning the larger context. The details of Plame's gritty human intelligence work fuels the thriller side of the story, debunking spy mythology.

None of these details as depicted are facts, because Plame hasn't revealed specifics about her classified CIA work. Liman claims that credible scenarios were pieced together from interviews with other sources, who spoke hypothetically.

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It's riveting stuff. Someone must be sent into Niger, who knows how that government and its uranium mining industry work, to see if there is credible evidence that this transaction took place.

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Plame is asked to write up Wilson's qualifications. The decision to send Wilson is made by people several pay grades higher.

'We're in jail, dude'... the friendly fire tragedy that changed Chris Finney's world

Wilson agrees to conduct a fact-finding mission about the yellowcake. This isn't clandestine; it's diplomatic.

He goes to Niger as an unpaid patriot, works contacts, in and out of official service, and beats feet looking for any signs, whether mining paperwork or convoy tread tracks, that tons of yellowcake went anywhere. The film never reveals that Wilson's was the second, US diplomatic debunking of these allegations. There's also highly speculative minority dissent among CIA analysts about the significance of aluminum tubing shipped to Iraq from China.

Are they centrifuge-grade for weaponizing yellowcake into fissile uranium?

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Or are they more likely parts for strictly conventional missiles? A second invasion of Iraq hangs in the balance. When Wilson's report comes back, stating emphatically that no yellowcake ever left Niger for Iraq, Cheney's Chief of Staff, "Scooter" Libby David Andrews , engages in a concerted campaign to pressure dissenting CIA analysts and, ultimately, to cherry pick findings in support of claims of an active Iraqi nuke program that's on the verge. The White House neutralizes Wilson's report with British intelligence that directly contradicts Wilson's findings. A painfully funny and literally profane joke was made about strategic US use of select Middle East "British intelligence" in the film In the Loop.

While license is taken depicting Plame's work within the CIA, Watt's portrayal makes it clear that Plame was more than a time-card-punching civil servant.

John McCain Was a War Hero. But He Shouldn’t Have Been.

Plame's stoic public silence as her career with the CIA comes to an end is conveyed with measures of professional duty and inward sacrifice. As she's hung out to dry by officialdom and a right-wing intelligentsia, she's solidly there for her kids. Watts portrays an humanly unbreakable Valerie Plame. Some reviewers have criticized Penn's acting for feeling "preachy.

That's a rough paraphrase, but that's also the crux of the whole film. Both are grievous.

If one needs to be addressed, so must the other. If you disagree with that, then Penn must be preaching. I'm not in that camp, just as I don't shoot messengers, whether I like the message or not. Penn delivers a suffer-no-fools rapier intelligence, edged with humanity, along with expected moral outrage and a fighter's tenacity in fleshing out Wilson.

All of them were made "fair game," too. I've been to archives where such materials remain untouchable under seal. They were obliterated in Gulf War I. FG delivers tough punches. First, the cover of a loyal and capable CIA operative is blown, not by antagonistic foreign intelligence services, but by people at the highest levels of the US government -- sacrificial lamb and presidentially pardoned Libby, unindicted and non-prosecuted admitted leaker Richard Armitage and ultimate suspect Cheney. But the biggest punches of all: Why don't more of us know this story, and what are We the People doing about the messy aftermath?

The oft repeated mantra of, "truth, justice and The American Way," is down for the count. The CIA refuse to accept that since they had seen progressive atomic facilities in Iraq during desert storm! However the second half of the movie revolves around Joe Wilson fighting against white house over the identity leak for Valerie Plame.

A very serious Biography which make you think so many things!! Directed by Doug Limon of the Bourne trilogy, this film is a spy thriller which is based on the unprecedented case of Ms. Plame whose identity was revealed to the world by the White House. When her identity was disclosed in right wing news columns, a dozen clandestine operations were jeopardized, and a number of assets, including Iraqi weapons scientists, were killed. This story is unique, because no White House in the history of the United States has divulged the identity of our spies for any purpose.

The villain at the center of the scandal is Karl Rove, who Joe Wilson wanted "frogged marched down Pennsylvania Avenue," for committing treason and putting our field agents and their assets in jeopardy. The score of this film is excellent and should garner an Oscar nomination. The acting may also be at the winner's circle, and the picture itself will probably nominated as one of 's best. If the story were not true, it would probably sound too far-fetched.

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Criminal conduct by White House officials is not unprecedented. Watergate, Iran-Contra, and the Clinton impeachment are some recent examples of high drama in the Oval Office. Fair Game is unique in that the crimes against the nation were an exercise of pure power against the truth - to cover the trail of lies which led the United States into a long expensive war for reasons which were never disclosed publicly. The State of the Union address which took the nation to war was a lie.

The burden of the American and Iraqi dead rest upon these lies.