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Of the many and singular advantages, therefore, that such have by this their Advocate in his advocating for them, this book gives some account; as, where he pleads, how he pleads, what he pleads, when he pleads, with whom he pleads, for whom he pleads, and how the enemy is put to shame and silence before their God and all the holy angels. Here is also showed to those herein concerned, how they indeed may know that Jesus is their Advocate; yea, and how their matters go before their God, the Judge; and particularly that they shall well come off at last, yea, though their cause, as it is theirs, is such, in justification of which, themselves do not dare to show their heads.

Nor have I left the dejected souls without directions how to entertain this Advocate to plead their cause; yea, I have also shown that he will be with ease prevailed with, to stand up to plead for such, as one would think, the very heavens would blush to hear them named by him. Their comfort also is, that he never lost a cause, nor a soul, for whom he undertook to be an Advocate with God. But, reader, I will no longer detain thee from the perusal of the discourse. Read and think; read, and compare what thou readest with the Word of God.

If thou findest any benefit by that thou readest, give the Father, and his Son the glory; and also pray for me.

If thou findest me short in this, or to exceed in that, impute all such things to my weakness, of which I am always full. A supposition, viz.

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An expression, by way of consolation, in case of sin, viz. An inquiry into what our apostle means by sin; in which is considered, A difference in the person and in the sin. And, Second, An inquiry into what it is for Christ to be an Advocate, viz. That God, as judge, is on the throne of judgment. That saints are concerned at that bar. That Christians have an accuser. That sinning saints dare not appear at this bar to plead their own cause. That Christians are apt to forget their Advocate, and remember their Judge. To remember our Advocate is the way to support faith and hope.

That if our advocate plead our cause though that be never so black he is able to bring us off. ALONE, not by any proxy or deputy. Christ pleads at God's bar; the cause cannot be removed into another court. In pleading, Christ observes these rules: 1. He granteth what is charged on us. He pleads his own goodness for us. Christ requires a verdict in order to our deliverance.

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He pleads the pleasure of his Father in his merits. He pleads God's interest in his people. It seems a weak plea, because of man's unworthiness; but it is a strong plea, because of God's worthiness. They are Christ's own. They cost him dear.

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He hath made them near to himself. They are his spouse, his love, his dove; they are members of his body.

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A man cannot spare a hand, a foot, a finger. Christ pleads his right in heaven to give it to whom he will. Christ pleads Satan's enmity against the godly.

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Christ can plead those sins of saints for them for which Satan would have them damned. They differ in name. They differ in nature. They differ as to their extent. They differ as to the persons with whom they have to do. They differ as to the matter about which they are employed. Christ, as Priest, precedes; Christ, as Advocate, succeeds. In general, all adopted children. The text saith, "If any man sin. In particular, to show if Christ be our Advocate- 1.

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If one have entertained Christ to plead a cause. How shall I know that? By being sensible of an action commenced against thee in the high court of justice. If one have revealed a cause to Christ. To be a friend. To be faithful. If one have committed a cause to Christ. Of Christ's ability to defend him.

What does it mean to have an advocate in Jesus Christ?

Of Christ's courage to plead a cause. Of Christ's will for this work. Of Christ's tenderness in case of his client's dullness. Of Christ's unweariedness- 4. If one wait till things come to a legal issue. What is it thus to wait? To be of good courage; look for deliverance. To keep his way in waiting. To observe his directions. To hearken to further directions which may come from the advocate.

To come to no ill conclusion in waiting, viz.

To wait waking, not sleeping. He pleads the price of his own blood.

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He pleads it for his own. I am but one. Christ cannot lose one. Many things relating to the promises. Many things relating to our lives. The threats annexed to the gospel. The wisdom of God is not to be charged with folly. Sin is deadly destruction to faith. There is law, and lawyers too, without money.

He is an Advocate to the utmost. To see one is not forsaken for sin. To take courage to contend with the devil. It affords relief for discouraged faith. It helps to put off the visor Satan puts on Christ. With reference to its peculiarity. Study the nature of this office. Study its efficacy and prevalency. Study Christ's faithfulness in his office.