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But are we smart enough to recognise that our own operating system, our mind and it's thinking could well benefit from its own upgrade? That's exactly what The Genius Programme does. It recognises the current thinking habits that aren't performing and guides you on how to delete them. It introduces new thinking applications that allow access to your whole intelligence and it then helps you install new operating protocols that ensure continual optimal performance.

And I've a feeling that the bit where they read 'rejected' ideas might become a highlight of each episode.

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Aidan Smith from Scotland on Sunday was more critical. He wrote that: "The show may have had charm on radio but now it's transferred to the box with Dave Gorman hosting, you can obviously see the would-be genii and they just look mad. Madder still, though, is the set designer who went to the trouble of creating the revolving stage complete with dry ice - and in the first edition, a model of a m running track to illustrate how lazy people would line up in running shoes Give me Sunday night telly over Friday post-pub bilge like this.

Caitlin Moran from The Times was one of the most damning.

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She described the show as: "like a light entertainment Wounded Knee , but with a studio audience", and she also compared it negatively to another comedy that had begun earlier in the week, Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle , saying: "The BBC amazes me. It takes four years for Stewart Lee - a comedian with 17 years' experience - to get a six-part series; yet in Genius wholly inexperienced members of the public are expected to deliver five minutes of broadcast-quality improvised material at the drop of a hat. What, literally, is that all about?

When the first episode was broadcast, it was watched by 1. Carbonated juice of an onion as a summer time drink. Good with cheese, and vodka.

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Well we do it with lemons! Bonus ball on leap years, and a rollover for unclaimed Tuesdays.

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Retrieved 11 May British Comedy Guide. Retrieved 22 March Retrieved 18 March The Guardian. Genius has already helped boost the performance of thousands of properties worldwide.

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To join them, your property needs to:. Note: a Genius guest is a guest who has made at least two bookings on Booking.

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