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The darkness surrounds me. It's getting so cold.

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I'm all alone With no one to hold. I know how you feel but there will be happy times soon, you just have to keep trying and be patient for it to come. Yeah, everyone has sad times, but I just hope that all of you will soon Wings of wax will melt and fall apart, But what if they are a true reflection of what's in my heart?

Weak, easily discouraged, and without pride, My escape to freedom denied. Read Complete Poem. All alone in the black abyss, tell me how it's led to this. I keep on smiling day by day, hoping suddenly the pain will go away.

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With bloodshot eyes, I turn to see you with someone that Like an apple that has fallen from our tree, my soul is rotting and I've taken you down with me. Deep in the emotions of my misery are the feelings that cannot ever seem to be set free. Clouds of thunder, pouring rain, The hurt I feel, the throbbing pain. Droplets trickling down my face. Shall rain give me this one embrace? The description of the hostile environment reflects the suffering human soul.

That is the beauty of this short poem. They say it's sweet that we laugh because our bodies literally can't contain the joy. My heart felt what is shouldn't. It gave when it couldn't, Believed in many things When I wouldn't. These are not tears They are the soul of my heart and along with them bears all my feelings and pain;. Menu Search Login Loving. Keep me logged in.

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