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Unfortunately, the Trekcetera Museum did not live long and prosper at its original location, and in relocated to the dino-tourist town of Drumheller. Gravitational Pull Believe it or not, but certain areas of Hudson Bay have lower levels of gravity than the rest of the planet. So Cute in Their Costumes Children around the world owe a debt of gratitude to the small town of Blackie, Alberta, which is where the phrase "trick or treat" is believed to have originated.

Historians concur that the earliest recorded mention of "trick or treat" is found in a edition of the town's local newspaper, The Blackie Times. Ho, Ho, Ho! Santa Claus may deliver toys to children throughout the world, but when it comes to nationality he's a Canadian.

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Or at least that's what Canada's Immigration Minister decreed. The pizza variety everybody knows as Hawaiian originated in Canada, not Hawaii. Greek-born restaurateur Sam Panopoulos was the first person to pair ham and pineapple atop a pizza, which he first did at his restaurant in Chatham, Ontario, back in Colder Than Mars Everybody knows that parts of Canada get cold in the winter, but you may not have realized that certain regions of the country have hit temperatures so low that they're actually colder than the planet Mars.

According to The Washington Post , temperatures in Edmonton and Yellowknife plunged to degrees Celsius once the windchill factor is added in Meanwhile, during the same time, Mars was a relatively balmy However, as the Post points out, Mars' nighttime temperature has Canada beat, plunging to a frosty degrees.

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Independence Day You probably think that Canada became an independent nation back in , what with all those th anniversary celebrations that took place in If that's the case, you're wrong; that didn't actually take place until the enacting of the Canada Act of , with the British Parliament officially transferring the power to change Canada's Constitution to the Canadian Parliament.

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