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Conquer" CD. Ed habd 'd copies. BUY Dig ital :. More than a new album, "The Wish of Weeping" is the vision of the scenes most unique and prolific artist.

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Overflowing with clean guitar passages, clean vocals, ethereal keyboards and acoustics evoking atmospheres that only VARDAN can create! Free Audio Stream at www. Welcome to summer, party people! It's beyond a mere physical place, it's a way of life. Beers, babes, waves, and cosmic rays as far as the eye can see! One of those noteworthy moments occurred in the summer of The dance floor had 'Dance 'til You Puke' etched into it.

Close your eyes, turn up the volume and be whisked-back in time as The Accused blast through more than a half-hour of gritty, pissed-off three-chord-punk songs; all while poking, instigating and shouting at the crowd of bewildered rednecks. The historic punk rock invasion of Montana was the brainchild of one Jeff Ament, who catapulted into mega-rock fame with his current band Pearl Jam.

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Out of print world-wide for over a decade, the band's milestone third album finally receives a long-overdue re-release, completely re-mastered by band-leader Narqath for superior sound. Mandatory Finnish Black Terror Metal!!! Total Retrograde Metal fury. Originally signing with world-renowned guitar god label Shrapnel Records in at the unheard of age of 19, Toby Knapp has never looked back and continues to have a productive and prolific career in rock and heavy metal! Wise up and pay attention!

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Out of print world-wide for over a decade, the band's milestone third album is presented anew, completely re-mastered by band-leader Narqath for superior sound. The album also created the original template for Power Metal, later capitalized on by now legendary bands like Trouble, Fates Warning and Halloween. Completely remastered from the original source tapes, ensuring the best sound possible for this mandatory piece of Heavy Metal History! The album also created the original template for Power Metal, later capitalized on by legendary bands like Trouble, Fates Warning, Candlemass and Halloween.

Signing with iconic Metal institution Moribund Records in , HRIZG immediately unleashed their landmark 2nd album, "Anthems To Decrepitude", which garnered critical praise from both press and fans alike for its roots in the legendary sounds of Mayhem, Root, Mystifier, Tormentor and Mortuary Drape while cultivating a sound uniquely their own. A valiant mastering effort went into leveling out the sound field for these 25 regional artists whom recorded over four different decades. A quality dual gender release featuring the female sounds of the Skexies, Porn Stars of Horror, and Bughunt combined with 22 male fronted bands, plus a few never to be duplicated tunes from the deceased members of Chump Change and Boxcutter PNW.

Track Listing:. Only Box Sets Manufactured, only 70 left!

Comming Soon:. Cover art and Track listing are as follows:. Release date November 30th Track Listing: 1.

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Year of the Ferret 2. Thirsty 3. Canadian Hookers 5. On My Way 6. Jason Lives 7. Jobber 8. Casual Encounters 9. Orangutan Gigantus Ho-ho-ho indeed! Like thousands of business now, we are not accepting PayPal. We apologize for the inconvenience; we do still accept all major credit cards, western union and other forms of payment! We were given no options to correct this issue; we may safely assume that this arbitrary action is based on our affiliation with the Church of Satan and our evocation of the right to free-speech, which we've championed for, through production and publication of Satanic Heavy Metal.

We take such unethical business practices very seriously and will no longer be supporting PayPal as a result of their policies and practices. He let the pullcord out, readied himself, and pulled. The… all-words-are-lies Billith author All words are lies, little fabrications we weave into tales that give us hope and make us feel complete. He certainly doesn't seem to be in a rush. Not just alone for a bit while others are out, or feeling rather isolated at the end of a relationship, but Alone.

That special Alone that you feel at in the morning,… along-came-a-spider apocalemur author He cautiously made his way through the ruins. He had a name, but it had long since been forgotten. Last chance this year to do it at all, so it's done. Happy holidays! That's what my dear Momma always said. If ya got something earned, or somethin' that's yours, keep it safe.

Don't let any o' them outside peepers come creepin' in,… alto-clef-jr-fins-of-the-father DolphinSlugchugger author Death, some say, is an inevitability. The entire cosmos attempts to kill us; Meteors endeavor to crash into us, anomalies vie to redact us, the sun sends solar waves towards our humble planet,… alto-clef-jr-virus-alert DolphinSlugchugger author The sun shone down on the west Texas compound's concrete stairwell down, down into the stone. It couldn't have been more than a few feet down that, in the darkness, a door creaked and whined as the… alto-clef-jr-the-star-and-you DolphinSlugchugger author Moonlight draped the pair upon the terrace overlooking the sea.

Between them a set table, two candles flickering futile in the Paris night.

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Fine wine. Rare kobe ribeyes with truffle saffron sauce…. Rain usually has a tendency to make flying difficult, which is one huge reason why Hiroyuki Watanabe hated Seattle. To his relief the plane had… sunlight Doctor North author Team Surviving Delta moved across the barren wasteland looking for any survivors. The unimaginable happened: The end of the world. Yet, that was yesterday's news. There was no time to dwell on that…. That, and the chatter of the radios on his… an-angel-who-has-forsaken-sympathy Gabriel Jade author Stars shine down on the first night.

The congregation has gathered outside to sing joyously to the stars, their voices twisting together in acoustic pentamerism. Twenty four joyous bodies sang,… sarkic-case-studythe-vas-n-a-of-sarvi Metaphysician author An Anthropological Approach to Sarkicism Dr. Matthieu Desmarais, Department of Anthropology Forward: Our understanding of Sarkicism has changed dramatically over the last few decades. This… an-anthropological-approach-to-sarkicism-case-studythe-d Metaphysician author An Anthropological Approach to Sarkicism Dr.

This… an-arm-and-a-leg Zachary Maxwell author Kit lay on his back, staring up at the ever-changing clouds of a British Summer afternoon. He reached up to his left shoulder and tore off the arm composed of tungsten carbide. My mouth felt slightly off. I reached up to my jaw, then clicked it back into place.

I spat out blood and a few teeth, then felt hard matter extrude… an-audience Djoric author The walk always took half an hour. Half an hour there, half an hour back, from the outside. But it always felt longer when he actually walked the tunnel. It felt like time was being stretched out,… an-average-life TroyL author Larry Robbins had never been a particularly active or happy man.

He went to work, he worked, he went home, and he slept. Image is from… an-evening-with-bright AdminBright author One fine day in the Foundation, Dr. Bright finds the need to clean up some small problems. A researcher has been asking questions, and, worse, questioning Bright. And so it is that Dr. Jack Bright… an-evergreen-affair Bennings author The Administrator was never one for ceremony. When she had founded it all, more than a hundred years ago, she did not ask for contracts written in blood under flickering candlelight, or sacred oaths… an-excerpt-from-goodbye-ghost Salman Corbette author Act 2, Scene 2: James: Crying But can't they help you in some way?

Butt ghost: There is no cure for butt cancer.

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J: But what will I do without you? Hide huts, tepees she had… an-faq-part-two-or-your-hume-questions-answered Jekeled author Do you, too, have a question or questions about Humes? Put them down below and they will be answered. Q: What do areas of high or low Hume concentration look like? A: A good question! In fact, I just almost did.

Giant glowing letters that read "Prometheus Labs, Inc. THIS IS A… an-old-woman-and-her-garden fieldstone author An old woman fought loneliness with her garden, passing the time between naps by singing to the things that grew there. That surprised her. She noticed several things in the first few moments of consciousness, each more alarming than the last. At he would replenish his coffee. Lunch was at sharp, no exceptions.

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