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And while she may not have ended the show with a permanent job offer, we were hoping to see that she had made something great of herself since taking off to follow Barack Obama on the campaign trail in the finale. Instead, Rory seems to be not just drowning in the journalism field, but not even trying that hard to stay afloat. The problem with Jess was there was no problem with Jess. Jess was perfect. Jess was the picture of stability and awesomeness compared to everyone around him.

Honestly, this made us mad because we realized Rory didn't deserve to get back together with him at this point. After all, he's come so far and she's regressed so much. So maybe it's good they didn't? Lorelai's weird "Wild" trip.

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Fans didn't care how lost Lorelai was after her father Richard's death and her relationship "problems" with Luke -- the trip she took to hike the Pacific Crest Trail was just not realistic. Luckily, she didn't actually even start it, so that fell in line with her character. But it was still a very weird move.

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That letter. During one of their therapy sessions, Emily brought up a horrible letter she says Lorelai sent her on her birthday one year, only Lorelai swears she never wrote such a letter. And then that's it! We never learned who wrote it or why. Uh, okay. Lorelai's initial reaction to Rory's book.

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Lorelai has never been anything but supportive of Rory -- sometimes to her detriment. So for her to snap at her daughter's well, really Jess' idea to write a book about their lives seems really weird. Yeah, she finally got on board, but being down on it from the beginning was out of character. Paris and Doyle. Man, did fans love this couple during the series. So it totally killed us to see they were getting a divorce by the time the revival rolled around. However, they hadn't actually finalized anything by the end of "A Year in the Life," so we can dream.

Rory's nomad existence. Rory was a crazy organized person throughout the entire series and the idea that she wouldn't have a permanent address, let alone one place to store her stuff, by the time she was 32 is just unbelievable. Well, it is. The lack of other characters' storylines. Keep as calm as possible and remain quiet.

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