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Thanks so much for everything. Any chance for Doodlebug to be rebuilt for Illustrator ? Am trying with Visual Studio but things seem to have moved a bit since Dictionary of Changes in Meaning. Rudimentary geology was often combined with bits of folklore and luck to lead the doodlebugger to oil deposits.

Using a simple divining rod, a crotched stick like that used in "witching" for water, he walked along dry creeks, across bald prairie and to the tops of hills and wherever else his nose and instinct led him. The more sophisticated doodlebugger fastened a rubber sack full of fresh crude oil to his hazel stick, which he had cut under a full moon, and awaited the telltale moment when the tip would suddenly dip in the direction of oil.

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If you know what doodlebugging is, it doesn't need explaining; and, if you don't know what it is, it can't be explained. I'm glad I know what it is. Jane Richardson. The story of the Doodlebugs can be focused on family life; the men, their wives and children who travelled from town to town following the crew. It is a story of the contrast and similarities of men's work and women's work as their roles blended into a family unit. The story is laced with the humor and strength of lifelong friendships that developed during the nomadic beginnings of doodlebuggers.

Celebrations of the season, birthday parties, and party games helped the community flourish amid the struggles of isolation and loneliness. The story is full of contrasts In the end the story is about memories, flipping through photo albums and watching home movies. It is about nostalgia and reminiscing, the good times and the hard times. It is about hearing the melting snow on the road and feeling like its time to move again — even thirty years later. Every year at Christmas I would hear the stories.

The stories of living in a trailer- a little trailer 8' x 24' with no bathroom.

There were only two of us kids then. The stories of moving and packing up and moving again, as often as seven times in one year. The stories of friendship and fun and frugality. This was the life of a doodlebugger. My parents met in Gravelbourg, Sask. My father was working with a seismic crew and as usual, fellas from the crew often met up with the gals from the nearby town. And so would begin the romance. And shortly after, the marriage, the traveling and the babies. This was seismic work. Some couples would try to find accommodations in each town.

Anything from sleeping in a cold front porch to an unused theatre. But most couples opted for trailers. In Alberta during the 's and into the early 60's, seismic crews crisscrossed the province from job site to job site in exploration of oil. This type of work still goes on today but not in the unusual lifestyle that became known as doodlebugging. During these two decades men met and married women from these small towns launching their lives together in a tiny trailer — travelling and moving as many as 70 times in 12 years — experiencing the life of a Doodlebug An aspect of doodlebug life not often told is that of the women and their role and contribution to the industry not to mention to their families.

Young women were romanced and then settled into a commitment of adventure and a life of constant movement. These women were outstandingly independent in an era before feminism was considered an ideological tool to identify and further women's rights. For the men there was definitely more to the doodlebug lifestyle than just the technical work they were involved in.

Another untold side of the doodlebug life shows the feminine side of the men and how much their families meant to them. They were very involved in the early upbringing of their children while they were on-the-road together. The men were contributors to the family's wellbeing on an emotional as well as physical level acting as breadwinners and disciplinarians.

In the end the true story of doodlebugging is best told as seen through the eyes of the families. The following are a number of stories told by members of doodlebug families and reflections by individuals who experienced the doodlebug life:. Interview with Warner and Joy Loven, May 1, — 40 moves in nine years with three children.


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Joy tells the story of Maureen's birth:. I was very pregnant when we were in Daysland, Ab. But the crew was scheduled to leave so the town Doctor tried to induce labour so I could give birth before the crew left.

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The induction didn't work. I had to make a decision Or leave with the crew and risk having the baby on the road. I decided to leave with the crew.

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The Mayor gave me a list of all the doctors and hospitals and we set off. Well we made it.

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  8. We reached Rock Glen in one piece, Maureen was born shortly after. Big decisions like that had to be made real quick. The women supported each other and most times the townspeople were helpful and receptive. The wives had to look after a lot, especially when the men went up north in the winter. We used to keep our curtains open so we could see into each other's trailer to make sure everything was okay.

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