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A fast shutter speed will freeze the action, while a slower shutter speed or longer exposure time will blur the action. The shutter speed can be set for motion blur shots using shutter priority mode or manual mode. The first is easier to learn and the latter offers more control.

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The best shutter speed to use to create motion blur depends on both how fast the action is moving and how much blur you want. In this image of my daughter, however, I wanted to keep her face sharp while blurring the movement in her tutu. Creating intentional blur through shutter speed often involves experimenting.

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For a long exposure landscape, I will often start with 20 seconds if I can still get a proper exposure , then review the shot and adjust the period of time from there. Do you want to blur the moving subject, or blur the background? Blurring a moving subject is often what comes to mind first when considering artistic blur. This way, you are able to capture motion blur or only the motion is blurred.

Telephoto lenses tend to exaggerate camera shake.

Understanding Shutter Speed with Star Wars LEGO

If you are using a camera with a five-axis stabilization system, you may be able to lower the shutter speed a bit and still get away with shooting handheld. This is another example of how knowing your gear and its technological contstraints will help you take better images. To achieve motion blur or to blur the subject, the camera stays as still as possible. But to blur the background, the camera intentionally moves during the exposure. This is a technique called panning.

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  4. In a panning shot, the camera moves with the subject. This keeps the subject in the same spot in the frame by following the movement at a similar speed. Because the camera moves at the same speed as the subject, the background will blur while the subject will appear sharp. Panning is often used to photograph race cars and other fast subjects like in sports photography.

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    The best subjects for panning are also moving parallel to the camera. This allows the camera to follow the movement.

    Simpler scenes often blur well in the background. Objects in the foreground will distract from the effect and are generally best avoided. A tripod with a panning head is ideal for this technique.

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    It allows for only the panning motion without any added camera shake. Panning is a technique that requires patience, practice, and sense of speed. But the effect is often well worth the extra effort. Try panning when you have plenty of chances to get the shot right, like during a race with multiple laps. Use the repetition to try the shot several times, adjusting the shutter speed up or down to create more or less blur.

    When trying panning, I may take 50 shots and end up with two or three that I like. Understanding the technical aspects of creating blur is the foundation you need for any number of creative effects. Here are 8 tips for turning the technical into artistic motion blur.


    Creative Shutter Speed: Master the Art of Motion Capture

    Look for motion in little places. Camera controls for regulating exposure. How ITookThese Pictures. Tools and Controls to Exploit Shutter Speed. Stopping the Action.

    Try and keep some distance between your camera and the moving subject in order to allow your camera enough space to swiftly lock the focus on the subject. If you position yourself too close to the moving subject, there are chances that your lens will fail to focus on the subject because of the distance being shorter than the minimum focusing distance. Panning photos look eye-catching when there is a contrast and there are at least two or more colors in the background.

    The secrets to capturing motion in your photography | Canon Australia

    Imagine a background which lacks contrast and has only one color, it would hardly add any impact to your panning photo. The whole idea of panning photography is to shoot a photo of a moving subject while panning your camera along with the subject. One thing you need to make sure is that the speed at which you are panning the camera should match with the speed at which the subject is passing by your frame. One golden tip that I would like to share as per my experience is that press the shutter release button only when the subject is parallel to your camera.

    This will ensure that your subject is completely in focus and appears sharp, while you get to perfectly capture blur motion in the background.